Upper Nicola Band Traditional Use Study: Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Project

Project Location: 
Douglas Lake, BC

Kwusen worked collaboratively with the Upper Nicola Band (UNB) to conduct a Traditional Use Study in relation to the proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project. The TUS and report were designed to assist UNB in assessing the potential effects of the proposed Project on Traditional Use Values, opportunities to exercise rights, the proposed Project’s contribution to cumulative effects, and effects on the broader Aboriginal Rights and Title of the UNB. The TUS research project included training with Upper Nicola Band researchers, interviews with Elders and other knowledgeable land users, ethnographic background historical research, and a final report completed in 2014.

The final TUS report can be accessed here on the NEB website: https://docs.neb-one.gc.ca/ll-eng/llisapi.dll/fetch/2000/90464/90552/548...