Cultural Studies and Research

Traditional Use Studies
Support for community-based monitoring programs
Cultural Heritage Assessment
Facilitation of linking traditional knowledge and western scientific approaches in land management
Land-use planning & development of land-management frameworks
Traditional Ecological Knowledge documentation and research

Community KnowledgeKeeper

Community KnowledgeKeeper

The Community KnowledgeKeeper is a customized online mapping and data management system used to support consultation, environmental research, traditional land use studies and archiving. Kwusen has developed the Community KnowedgeKeeper as a means to meet common data management and mapping needs of Indigenous communities who are faced with complex issues of land and resource management.

Consultation with government and industry can be simplified by having proponents submit project information directly through an online portal in the Community KnowledgeKeeper. With the online submission of project information and location data, communities can instantly view planned development in relation to records of community land use activities, community selected protected areas, endangered species habitat, and other environmental data. KnowledgeKeeper provides a snap-shot assessment for staff to identify a community’s potential concerns and conflicts.

By providing a community with a single window to view the interactions between industrial development and mapped Indigenous and scientific knowledge, the Community KnowledgeKeeper facilitates informed community-based decision making and allows for the assessment of all industrial development in their territory.

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GeoKeeper supports Indigenous communities conducting environmental monitoring and guardianship programs. With GeoKeeper, users are able to collect data in the field with customizable survey forms while simultaneously recording GPS tracks in real time. With full offline accessibility and an all-in-one recording device, GeoKeeper is the ideal tool for community members conducting research and monitoring programs in remote areas on the land.

When working offline, users can take photos, GPS points, tracks, and survey data. All of the recorded data and records can be pushed from GeoKeeper to the central server, where it can be reviewed, edited, and exported by program administrators.

GeoKeeper can support many different types of community based monitoring and field research programs. Some of our customizable forms include Traditional Use Study, Wildlife sightings, Water Quality, Water Quantity, Archaeology – Preliminary Field Reconnaissance, Soil Sampling, Navigational Hazards, and more!

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