Towagh Behr and Dave Nordquist on Aashukan Podcast!

Kwusen's Towagh Behr and Dave Nordquist from Adams Lake Indian Band were featured on the Aashukan Podcast, episodes 9 and 10, respectively.
You can find these episodes and more here.

"Episode #9: Towagh Behr, British Columbia, Canada

Towagh speaks about the importance of Indigenous peoples consent in regards to development and the impact assessment process. He also speaks about his experience training community members at Adam’s Lake Indian Band in using a program to map the history, culture and land use of their community, which helps inform environmental assessments."


"Episode #10: Dave Nordquist, Secwepemc (British Columbia, Canada)

Dave talks about development that has impacted his community of Adams Lake in the Secwepemc Nation, British Columbia, and his community’s varied experience of impact assessments. Dave also talks about the need for government review of the consultation process, and what he wants to see come out of the exchange."

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