Cultural Studies and Research

Kwusen researchers have extensive experience working in collaboration with Indigenous communities to conduct cultural research, including Traditional Land Use (TLU), Traditional Use Studies (TUS), Cultural Heritage Assessments (CHA), and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) studies. Our participatory approach provides the training and tools for community researchers to conduct oral history and land use mapping interviews using the best technology and legally defensible methods of documentation. Our research provides Indigenous governments with a strong foundation to assert their rights and interests in engagements with industry proponents and Crown agencies, shaping project planning, influencing regulatory decisions and the outcome of negotiations.

Kwusen’s work foregrounds the expertise of Elders and knowledge keepers, integrating Indigenous Knowledge and traditional systems of land and resource management to inform environmental assessments and land use planning processes. Our methods are customized to meet each community’s needs and objectives. Kwusen’s capacity building and community-led research empowers communities to understand and communicate likely effects of industrial developments upon their rights, traditional practices, cultures, languages, and communities.